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The Boys – oh boy!

I like to watch box sets in my spare time and the latest series to have caught my attention is The Boys (Amazon Prime) – and what a series this is. A second series is thankfully on the way, I just hope it doesn’t go the way of all the decent series’ on Netflix and get cancelled after the second series, (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and The Santa Clarita Diet to name just a couple). If you’re going to start a series then please commit to it until the bitter end!

But I digress..The Boys is a dystopian take on superheroes or supes as they’re called, based on a comic book series (which I’ve never read). With the multitude of superhero shows and films around I wasn’t sure how good this would be but I’m glad to not be disappointed. Karl Urban plays Billy, a supe hating, grumpy guy with an English accent. I’ve seen Karl Urban in a few of his roles but there was something about this one that made him suddenly really quite attractive! Perhaps it was his bad boy role or the fact he looked extra beefed up and sported a beard, either way, he was superb in this role. The Boys also starred Elisabeth Shue, who played what I like to think of as a Sigourney Weaver- middle-aged woman-charismatic and power executive female role, with ease. Add in the likes of Simon Pegg, Jack Quaid, and Erin Moriarty amongst other great actors, and you start to get an idea of the quality of this series.

*Warning – contains spoilers*

So what can I say about The Boys without giving away too much if you haven’t seen it but are daring to read this far? Some of the deaths are probably the best and most imaginative and dare I say it, funny, ways to die that you’re likely to see on a TV show – from Translucent with the bomb up the arse, to the dolphin flying through the window only to get squished by a passing lorry, to the poor guy who never stood a chance once between Popclaw’s thighs, there are some grim, jaw-dropping and certainly memorable deaths. The Boys has a dark sense of humour, a lot of profanity, and some downright weird moments – Homelander being babied by Madelyn Stillwell? Does he wear a nappy under that costume?

The plot works, the characters work, and the production works. I was hooked from the moment of Robin’s death – not only was that unexpected, but it was also funny in a sick kind of way as Hughie was left just holding her hands whilst her blood and mashed up body parts splattered all around him. I knew from that moment that this was my kind of show. Nothing was predictable and there were some definite “I can’t believe they just did that” moments – the dolphin! Got to feel sorry for the lobster as well, I mean, The Deep meant well but he’s just not the sharpest of superheroes is he.

*Okay, you can look now, no more spoilers

If you haven’t watched it yet then please do. If you’re expecting to watch Superman type heroes saving the world then perhaps you need to watch some Superman instead as most of these supes don’t seem to have a clue what righteousness and morals are. Be prepared for a lot of use of the C-word, very graphic scenes, and very dark humour. Oh, and it’s definitely not one to watch with the kids, this is very much an adult’s only show, tuck them in bed with some Superman PJs and keep this one to yourself.

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