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Daybreak is another Netflix original that just so happens to have the right amount of humour, cool, oddball, and quirkiness to be right up my street. The basic premise is that a bomb landed in Glendale that wiped out most adults and those that were left that weren’t turned into ghoulies were left a little odd, for want of a better way of describing them. To be honest, the why, where, and how doesn’t really matter and bar just a couple of characters, nor do the remaining adults matter.

This show is focused on the surviving kids, mainly focusing on Josh who is searching for his girlfriend, Sam Dean. Along the way, Josh teams up with Angelica and Wesley and they encounter various groups of other survivors for in this post-apocalyptic world, everyone belongs to one tribe or another from the Jocks to the Disciples of Kardashia. If that sounds to you like a quirky Mad Max style show then you’d be right. There are also nods to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as not least of all Matthew Broderick stars in Daybreak, as well as Deadpool style quirky humour. I have also heard people state a resemblance to The Warriors but as I haven’t seen that then I can’t pass comment.

I’m not going to give away any spoilers as this is a show you need to watch and enjoy for yourself. Also don’t be put off that it’s mainly a show about teenagers if you happen to no longer be a kid yourself, it’s definitely a show that adults can enjoy and most of the kids in it are technically young adults. Angelica is probably one of, if not the youngest character being on the brink of puberty but to be honest, she and Ms Crumble were my absolute favourite characters. Will Josh find Sam and they get their happy ever after? Well, you’ll have to watch it to find out but be assured there are quite a few twists along the way. As for the ending, I wasn’t entirely sure about it but I’m hoping there is a season two as this is one show I’m not done with yet.

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