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Tune into Wandavision

This show is magic. I spent the first few episodes not really knowing what was going on and wondering whether I needed to refresh my memory on Wanda, Vision, and the Marvel Universe but as it turns out, what is going on does get explained and it wasn’t just me. It was certainly a different offering to the usual Marvel goods as it was all about Wanda and all about magic, and set, initially, in a pseudo-50’s sitcom.

I’m not going to add any spoilers here. If you want to know how Vision is back (and this is set after Avengers: Endgame), then you’ll need to watch the whole series which is actually only 9 episodes long and a lot of them are short ones. There is some back story to Wanda, there’s also a powerful foe amongst her neighbours but sadly no Stan Lee cameo as he died three years prior…

Just sit back and enjoy the ride folks as everything starts to unfurl from episode 4 onwards, it’s going to get explosive (and don’t forget to watch out for the end credits).

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