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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4

Warning: contains spoilers

Season 4 is yet another rollercoaster of a season! And there doesn’t seem to be a clear ‘villain’ until later in the season and by then we are in full flow with android duplicates of people being created pretty much out of thin air and in about 5 seconds. And let’s not forget the Framework, which in reality would take a large number of high-level programming nerds a large number of years to create. I used to code websites for a living, I know how long it takes to just get a fully functional website going from scratch let alone something on another level as the framework. But if you have the Darkhold then anything is possible.

Niggles aside, it’s still a great season and had lots of character development arcs:

Skye/Daisy is now definitely just Daisy. Except that she becomes Skye again but actually really is Daisy. Disappointed that she doesn’t have a new hairstyle for season 4.

Mack loses Hope. Then he finds Hope. Then he loses Hope again. And then he does a bit more yo-yo-ing around.

Fitz, who has become my hero now becomes a villain. Yeah, seriously. Well, except that he’s not really a villain, not in this reality so it kind of depends on what reality we’re looking at. Perhaps we need a looking glass…

Poor Simmons has to overcome her revulsion of evil-Fitz and get past the fact that he is shacked up with the avatar of evil (or rather misguided), Aida.

Ward, yes Ward who is definitely dead as dead can be, gets to atone for his sins in a manner of speaking.
Ward isn’t the only agent who makes an appearance from the dead, we see a welcome return for Trip, albeit a brief appearance.

Coulson and May almost actually become Coulson and May except for Coulson quickly realises he’s just snogged the android May. Cue lots of awkwardness when he finally rescues the real May.

John Hannah gives a stellar performance as Holden Radcliffe, the slightly misguided scientist who creates the Framework and Aida (the final villain) and it all comes back to bite him in the arse.

Watch out for Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider (Gabriel Luna) in this season – you wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.

So after a season that is a stark reminder of what can happen when artificial intelligence takes over the World, I’m off to unplug all of my Alexas and grab a tinfoil hat while I eagerly start on season 5.

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