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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 7

Warning: contains spoilers

Well, this is it, the final season and unlike characters for whom death is not a barrier, this really is the end. I’m still in mourning that I have reached the very end as it has been an amazing ride. Season 7 is another short season. Our intrepid agents find themselves hopping through time and it looks like they had a lot of fun with all the different eras. Let’s catch up with our world-savers.

Daisy has a multitude of hairstyle changes this season. I think they must have sneaked a hairstylist on board the zephyr as all the ladies managed hairstyles in keeping with the era they were in. But I digress. This was an emotional season for Daisy. The (sort of) revival of Coulson plus a love interest, and no it’s not Deke, plus finding out she has a sister – there’s all sorts of emotions here. And she also finally gets her death but as we all know, death doesn’t always mean the end.

So Coulson is revived. Sort of. He isn’t the actual Coulson and nor is he the Coulson-Sarg version. Now we have a Chronicom-Coulson. How awesome is that? He’s almost as good as the original Coulson except he has a few new skills.

Speaking of Chronicoms, things take a sad turn for Enoch. In a wrapping up of loose ends, poor Enoch has to go. And rather unusually for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., this really is the end.

Deke is another loose end who gets conveniently left in another timeline. Deke started growing on me last season and he really came into his own in this season. He will never get over his Daisy obsession but life looks like it’ll come up smelling like roses for Deke. Even if it is in a totally different timeline to everyone he ever knew.

May, in a twist of irony for the original ice queen, has to learn to deal with overwhelming empathy. That is one massive character arc!

Mack and Yo-Yo finally get to stay together. This season is too short for any yo-yo-ing around in their relationship (see what I did there), and even though Mack gets stuck in the 80s and gets all manic depressive, things work out in the end.

And then we have the greatest love story in the show that is Fitz-Simmons. Except Fitz is mostly absent in this series thanks to scheduling conflicts for Iain De Caestecker. So Simmons has to be the brains for both of them though handily her grandson Deke appears to have inherited their grey matter DNA. Simmons bravely battles on alone until we finally get the reunion we’ve all been waiting for. And finally, they have the daughter that will one day be Deke’s mother. All this timey-wimey stuff can be really confusing!

And that concludes the last of the fantastic show that was Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It has taken me several weeks to write this as I’m still grieving over the fact that it has ended. I’m still not over it. But everything has been more or less wrapped up and most of our agents get some sort of happy ever after, even some of the dead ones. It has been an extraordinary journey and one most definitely worth taking. Goodbye dear agents, this is a spies goodbye. Cheers.

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