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Dark – a tale across time and realities

Warning: contains spoilers

The title has given away major spoilers so I can only apologise for that. Dark is a German series and I stuck with the dubbed version rather than subtitles as my German is limited to a few words at best. And to be fair, you need to concentrate so hard on what is going on that subtitles might have been too much of a distraction.

The first season of Dark lays the groundwork and introduces us to all the characters, and there are a lot of characters. But not only are there lots of characters, but we also get to see them as different versions (for the most part), i.e., their younger self, their adult self, and their older self. So just when you think you have a good handle on who is who, you realise you have to keep track of them as different versions. But that’s not all! Characters are revealed to have all sorts of connections to each other. This is not a program to fall asleep to!

There are all sorts of time loops, paradoxes, and other mind-bending stuff going on too. I made the mistake of leaving a gap between watching seasons two and three which meant I was struggling to remember a lot of what had happened. It meant that I was a bit lost in season three but to be fair, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have gotten lost in it anyway!

Just for a rare change, Dark is a show that didn’t get cancelled before its conclusion which means we actually get to see everything neatly wrapped up. All loose ends were tied up, I think (I was lost, what do I know?). We are given a satisfactory ending and all time loops and realities were fixed.

A lot of people have compared Dark to Stranger Things. I think Dark starts off feeling similar to Stranger Things but it is a very different experience. I’d recommend it as a good watch, just try having a pen and paper to hand so you can start sketching out family trees to keep track of everyone – you’ll thank me for it!

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