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Down a rabbit hole with Alice in Borderland

Warning: contains minor spoilers If you’re expecting talking rabbits, a shrinking girl and walking playing cards, you’re probably looking for a different show. There are, however, playing cards in Alice in Borderland, and they are quite significant. Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) finds himself and his friends transported into a bizarre parallel world after bright lights explode […]

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Daybreak cancelled!

Yet another great series on Netflix is cancelled and this time it is Daybreak ( Why bother making shows that people actually enjoy watching only to disappoint them when you cancel it when it’s nowhere near finished? So many great series have been culled way before their time thanks to the Netflix chopping axe, it’s […]

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Daybreak is another Netflix original that just so happens to have the right amount of humour, cool, oddball, and quirkiness to be right up my street. The basic premise is that a bomb landed in Glendale that wiped out most adults and those that were left that weren’t turned into ghoulies were left a little […]

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